Mixed Bag (Part 8): Pierogi Into Cheeseburger Pie

I’ve made pierogi before, but it was back when K and I were first dating. They were the traditional type, and he helped me fold all of them. This time, I folded them all on my own and felt like the effort was not worth the end product. Ravioli are worth it to me, but not pierogi, or at least not this recipe. Before you decide to click away to another website or recipe, let me remind you that today’s post is a mixed bag. That means there was something good that came out of the pierogi. An easy cheeseburger pie! Nothing fancy, nothing crazy, but it was deemed tasty by all of us.


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Cheeseburger Meatballs

This is a simple recipe inspired by a small plate we had at a Japanese restaurant. They had all sorts of things on skewers: tomatoes, cheese, beef, chicken, and more. One of our favorite bites were these tiny meatballs with some melted cheese on top. I believe the cheese was American, and I was not entirely certain of the seasonings…but we really wanted to try it at home. What was interesting was the meat was ground chicken, and K liked it! Usually if it’s an item that is normally made with ground beef, he sees anything else as second rate. I was surprised he liked these so much, considering how they were a bit healthy.





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