Salted Brown Butter Rice Krispies Treats

Someone reminded me of this recipe and it was perfect for a small get together we hosted. I actually made it twice because the first time my marshmallows were too old. It really did matter because I made the recipe the same way and the first time it became hard as a rock and was inedible. The second time it was perfect. So, make sure your marshmallows are still soft and fluffy (even though you’re melting them, the texture beforehand matters).

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Rice Krispie Treat Brownies

I usually dread typing out the recipes for these posts. Remembering each amount and making sure I don’t have any typos (1 teaspoon of salt versus 1 Tablespoon of salt could make a big difference in a dessert) is not the fun part. It is not hard and I like having the record, but I would much rather be spending my time making the food than writing it out. As a result, I end up writing my description and/or story first before the recipe. Well, this time I could not think of anything to say and did the recipe first, then the pictures, and now I am still not sure what to say! I do know that these brownies are something you must make. They turn out amazing every time and are a big hit with chocolate fans. You can choose to eat just the brownie part separate from the treat on top, or get all of the flavors in one bite. I found a version of this recipe from an old cookbook that was all about using Hershey-branded products. So, instead of using cocoa powder, you would see “use Hershey cocoa powder”. Of course, you can use whatever chocolate you like in this.

I am hoping that even with few words you will still be inspired to make this.

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