Topic-Changing-Thursdays It’s Been 1 Year!?

If you’re like me, you sometimes have trouble keeping track of time. They say that the older you get, the faster time seems to go. I definitely have times when life feels like it is flying by. K and I had plans for our first couple years of marriage, and it’s crazy that we’re already coming up on 2 years!! We need to work on our list a bit more, I guess. Hehe.

In more blog-worthy news, today is the day that I started blogging. Well, one year ago today, that is. I thought about sharing some super awesome recipe today, but I had no idea what could properly commemorate the occasion, so I decided to do what many others do, and reward the readers!

As promised, you will get to enter for a prize today!

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Sparkling (Wine) Blackberry Sorbet

Do you want a boozy summer treat? This is perfect for you, assuming you are of legal drinking age. Technically you boil off some of the alcohol, but there is still plenty left in the final product.

For my birthday, I received The Perfect Scoop by David Lebovitz and have been loving all of the ideas in it. I wanted to make something special for my and K’s one year wedding anniversary, so even though I posted the cheesecake, this is the real dessert I made for us. It needed to use blackberries since I had some that needed to get used up. I had my eyes on a few recipes, but once I saw that this one uses sparkling wine, I had to go with it!

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