Grandma Pizza

I watched the episode of Cook’s Country where they made this pizza. It seemed interesting because it was made in a baking sheet (no pizza stone mentioned), I didn’t need to make or buy a sauce, and the cheese goes on first, before the tomatoes. Thennnnn I made the mistake of not saving the recipe for later. Thankfully, I found it on a blog so that I could make it, too! I am not sure what Rebecca changed from the original since I don’t have the original, but I liked how this turned out. I’ve been making lots of pizza things because the Fudgelet finally likes it, and it is less messy than some other food. At least, homemade pizza tends to be less messy.


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Beef with Peppers and Black Bean Sauce

It’s new ingredient time! This dish looked interesting and tasty in the cookbook. It also received bonus points for being a Cantonese dish. I told K that we could leave out the black beans if we couldn’t find them, but in his words, “they make the dish”. Of course, I didn’t find out until later that Chinese black beans are apparently a type of soy bean. Somehow, they did not bother me in this dish, so I am still trying to figure out my soy issues. Luckily, though, I could enjoy this dish.



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