Wayback Wednesdays: Milk Bar Brownie Pie

After making the liquid cheesecake again, I finally used the remnants of it to make this pie. And once again, this was me remaking a recipe from years ago.

It’s fairly easy compared to most of the Milk Bar recipes, but my brain was being a bit slow, so I got confused. I barely had enough graham cracker crumbs to make the crust, mostly because I didn’t realize I needed some for the rest of the pie. But, it turned out fine, anyway.

There was one big difference I noticed…

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Mixed Bag (Part 6): A Quartet of Treats

Like last week, I am feeling a little lazy and sharing some pictures of desserts I made that turned out pretty good…but I didn’t feel like documenting all of the details for you. Call it sleep-deprived blogging or just enjoying-the-good-weather blogging, I am okay with it.


Let’s start with the biggest success of the three…the pies! I took a recipe that I have documented for you and made it into mini-pie form. In case you were curious and wanted to try it, I kept the recipe as is, and it ended up making 4 small pot pie-sized pies. The only problem was some extra liquid because I used frozen berries. I wanted to use fresh but they just weren’t good at that time of year. A friend had wanted fruit pie, so I made these for her birthday. She got two and K got two. I had some of his, as well, but just a few bites. I am a chocolate girl, but it was tasty!


My lattice work got so much better this time than last time. You can see the little bits of butter tucked in, too…don’t forget that step of the recipe even though the pies are smaller.


Any berries work. This mix was blackberry, strawberry, and blueberry.


Also don’t forget the egg wash. Mmmm.


With a little turbinado sugar on top, it is a great texture.

Next up, we have a different kind of pie…


I believe I know what recipe I used, but I’m not positive, so I can’t share that (sorry).


I was worried about the results because this didn’t look so good. The peppermint glaze got all funny from the melted chocolate on top. But, this is how it set up:

IMG_3539 IMG_3541

Still a bit messy, but tasty. A refreshing, chocolatey, rich treat that was a bit crisp on top and gooey inside.


Speaking of chocolate treats, here is another one.


I made a double batch of this recipe from Averie Cooks. It was pretty good, and simpler than this similar recipe I’ve made before, but not quite as good.


The middle is made up of a recipe much like my fudge recipe, which I feel isn’t soft enough for bars. I prefer a softer middle. So, it might just be my preference. The oat part also didn’t taste as interesting to me as the other recipe…clearly I need to make the other recipe again!


But, I did like how quickly they came together, and that I could make them with the Fudgelet watching.

One treat he could not sample were these marshmallows.


I actually haven’t made marshmallows for awhile, so it was nice to make them again. What made these extra special (besides the sprinkles) was the champagne in them! It worked out because we had some leftover from this recipe, so I figured it was a good way to use it up. The marshmallows taste slightly boozy, but mostly the fruity flavor of the Asti was front and center. The recipe came from How Sweet Eats but I also came across this recipe which might be even better?

Don’t get me wrong, these marshmallows were tasty, but the texture and height wasn’t as good as they could be.

IMG_3630 IMG_3631 IMG_3633

The sprinkles were fun, but I needed fewer sprinkles in ratio to the marshmallows.


So. Many. Sprinkles.


Tune in next time and I will have a recipe for you. 🙂

Chocolate Brownie Cookies

On this blog, I have shared many cookie recipes. Many of them include chocolate. You might think I am chocolate cookie-d out. But I’m not.


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Vanilla Ice Cream (with brownie chunks)

Since last week I had veggie week, I decided to make this week ice cream/sorbet week in honor of my husband’s birthday on Thursday. My ice cream maker has been getting so much use this summer, especially with all of the ice cream books I keep picking up. All of the recipes this week come from The Perfect Scoop by David Lebovitz. This first one is his basic vanilla ice cream. He has two versions, one is egg-less, and then there is this one, which is custard-style. I like having the eggs for certain basic flavors because I think it helps create a nice strong base. Besides, my husband loves eggs.

His method is a little different than what I’m used to with ice cream because instead of the basic bowl in an ice bath, he puts some of the cream in the bowl. I decided to try it and see how it worked. It did not seem to be any different in taste or ease, and it does not use any extra bowls, so I am calling it a draw. For his recipes I may just keep doing it because it worked fine, but for other ice cream recipes I might stick to my old method, like I did here.

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Coffee Brownie Chunk Ice Cream

What do you crave during winter when there is snow on the ground?  It doesn’t happen very often in Seattle, particularly in our area, but we managed to have a mini snowstorm that kept us indoors for a bit.


My husband had an ice cream craving, which seemed really odd to me when it is so cold out.  But, he doesn’t often make specific food requests, so I decided to give it a go.  I began with a cookies and cream recipe I found online.  Since then, I did my own version of the America’s Test Kitchen basic ice cream recipe.

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