Cinnamon Braided Brioche Bread

Are you tired of bread yet? I hope not. This is (maybe) the best bread I made with the brioche dough. We all loved it so much that I made it twice within a week. If you already have the dough ready, this is a super easy recipe. It’s a bit tricky to explain the braids, so look at the pictures, or also go back to my challah post where I did the same style of braids.

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Star Bread

As I wrote on Monday, you can do a lot with brioche dough. Here is the first recipe I want to show you. It is so easy and so customizable.

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Bread in 5’s Brioche Bread

Today I am sharing a “starter” recipe which will allow you to make all kinds of breads, whether ones I share or ones you come up with. I actually found a different bread recipe and used this dough to make my own version. Spoiler, it turned out amazing and will be coming up on here shortly.

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Baked French Toast (1 Hour)

Before the Chiplet, we definitely started doing brunch more often. K runs everyday, and he doesn’t eat before his workout so is ready for a nice breakfast in the late morning. The Fudgelet and I will eat breakfast before my workout (where he often joins me) and then are ready for lunch in the late morning. Since our breakfasts are usually simple, we are fine with anything for lunch from burgers to scrambled eggs.

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Crème Brûlée French Toast

We didn’t have good luck with parent days this year. For Father’s Day weekend, K was getting over a bad cold. For Mother’s Day weekend, I had an awful stomach bug that made me nauseated and weak for a long weekend. I had planned on making this for my Mother’s Day meal and felt recovered enough to eat it on the day before. K was taking the Fudgelet to the mall for the morning, so I was able to get some stuff done around the house, and take my time prepping this for lunch, which was great. I could only eat one slice because it is rich and I was still barely eating food, but it was delicious.

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Mixed Bag (Part 7): Burgers, Brioche, Baked Chicken, and (Date) Bars

Half of these recipes are from America’s Test Kitchen/Cook’s Country. The chicken is from the Food Network Magazine and the last one was a random blog I used to make something date-related for the Fudgelet. None were super successful, as you will see below. All are B-related! Maybe these are B recipes for their grades, too.


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