Cinnamon Braided Brioche Bread

Are you tired of bread yet? I hope not. This is (maybe) the best bread I made with the brioche dough. We all loved it so much that I made it twice within a week. If you already have the dough ready, this is a super easy recipe. It’s a bit tricky to explain the braids, so look at the pictures, or also go back to my challah post where I did the same style of braids.

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Star Bread

As I wrote on Monday, you can do a lot with brioche dough. Here is the first recipe I want to show you. It is so easy and so customizable.

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Bread in 5’s Brioche Bread

Today I am sharing a “starter” recipe which will allow you to make all kinds of breads, whether ones I share or ones you come up with. I actually found a different bread recipe and used this dough to make my own version. Spoiler, it turned out amazing and will be coming up on here shortly.

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Almost Croissants

I know, you might say that I already made croissants so why am I making “almost” croissants. Well, these were pretty good for much less work.

I like that these croissants are easy to space out the work involved, doing a bit here and a bit there. And then you can bake them fresh for when you want them.

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Mixed Bag Mondays: Bread in 5

I will be sharing more soon…I’ve been super happy with all of the recipes I have been making from this Bread in 5 book. Basically, the premise of this book and others in the series are that you spend about 5 minutes prepping the bread dough, then you bake it later and can have fresh bread on a more regular basis.

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