Beer, Brats, Onions, and Peppers

By the way…if this post looks familiar, it is probably because I was writing it near the end of December and forgot to change the year before I scheduled it. Oops! So some of you got an email about it. Well….it is up now. 🙂

When my dad and M visited us, they bought some tasty sausages. Since then, I have only been buying these sausages for our Italian nights. On a recent visit to the store, I decided to pick up their bratwurst sausage and give it a try. I came across this easy recipe, and they turned out so good! It all cooks in one pan. I was nervous that my cast iron skillet wasn’t large enough, so I used the Dutch oven. It worked just fine, and I would probably use it again (just to avoid a mess). Unfortunately, I was too excited to eat and didn’t take extra pictures of the finished product. We ate them on toasted Hoagie rolls with a bit of mayonnaise and they were so good!


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