Tips-y Tuesdays: Coffee Cake Muffins

Just a short post to show a new option for a coffee cake recipe I’ve already shared. Basically, I made the recipe exactly as written, but wanted to let K have a little. How do you make a coffee cake to give away and keep some for yourself? Well, I stole a little of the batter and put it in a ramekin. Turns out, it makes a good giant muffin. I also saved a little topping and a little filling to complete it.


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Shortbread (via Bouchon Bakery)

It seems boring. Why should you make this treat with no chocolate? It also seems fussy at first glance. Again, do I have time for that with a kid around? Well, actually, it isn’t boring but deliciously buttery and vanilla-y, and it isn’t super fussy unless you want to make it that way.


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Palet d’Or (Rich Chocolate Cake with Chocolate Pastry Cream)

In some ways, this cake might seem familiar. I made two parts of it before, here. This is why I didn’t include pictures for those parts below. If you want pictures, check out that post. This time, I made the cake closer to how it is in the Bouchon cookbook. One reason it isn’t identical? Gelatin. The recipe for the chocolate glaze is a bit elaborate, considering it is just…chocolate glaze….And, it called for sheets of gelatin, which I don’t have easy access to. I freaked a bit, because, well, let me back up a bit here.



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Chocolate Financiers

These are very light and fluffy mini chocolate cakes with a mild nut flavor in the background. I had never had one before, but I liked it! The recipe was fairly straightforward, and I liked that I didn’t have to make it with a mixer since it can wake the Fudgelet up from a nap. It also doesn’t take very long to make, so you could make these last-minute. It says to eat them cooled completely, but I actually liked them a bit warm. It is probably personal preference, so try a bite cooled, and you can always warm it up in the microwave for a bit.


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TKO (Homemade Oreo Cookies) with Cookie Butter Buttercream filling

I have made homemade Oreos before, but the filling is always so-so for me. It’s hard to match the regular filling, so I decided to do something different. I did half with vanilla buttercream and half with cookie butter buttercream. After making the Cookie Butter Cups, I felt ready to make these cookies. They have the perfect amount of salt to go with the sweet filling. We loved the cookies, and K felt really special to have cookies with his initial on them. You can feel free to have fun with the shapes since you are basically making chocolate shortbread cookies, so they will hold their shape pretty well. The K’s were less clear after they were baked, but if you looked carefully you could see them.


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