Mixed Bag Mondays: Warm Weather Baking

There is no common theme today. Sorry. I feel like I haven’t been this tired in a long while. Basically, the Chiplet has been continuing to wake up at night, but coupling it with not great naps and waking up super early. It’s been fun. So, my brain is pretty fuzzy. But, I have still been cooking and baking a bunch, so here are some results of those efforts.

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Coffee Blondies

These definitely give you a coffee flavor, but not only that, they were great blondies. I made these for my dad without the coffee and used extra vanilla instead. He said they were some of the best blondies he has had, so clearly the coffee part isn’t the only good part of the recipe.

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Caramel Blondies

These bars are pretty easy to make. The only slightly fancy part is the caramel at the beginning. And, you can do that part a little ahead of time if you need to. I made the caramel during nap and finished the blondies while he was awake since whisking stuff together is easy to do with him around. Watching hot sugar on a stove? A little trickier when distracted.


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Cookie Butter Blondies with Ganache

So, I kind of took the idea of a blondie and ran with it, turning it into something with cookie butter and ganache…and then putting it in a pie form. Because everything looks cuter as a pie. Except for babies. Babies are just cute on their own. Although, a baby holding a pie? Outrageous cuteness.



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Peanut Butter Chocolate Chip Blondies

With all of the fun from yesterday’s anniversary, I needed to continue celebrating with one of my favorite combos: peanut butter and chocolate! You obviously could just make blondies with peanut butter chips and chocolate chips, but why not go the extra step and swap out some of the butter for peanut butter? You can add in peanuts and use crunchy peanut butter for maximum peanut butter flavor, but I liked this version just fine.


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