Smore Cookie Butter Bars

K asked me a bit last minute to make something, and I wasn’t sure what I could make in about 1 hour with just the ingredients in our pantry. It turns out it was easier than I thought, once I remembered that bars can be thrown together pretty quickly. The baking time is the bigger concern with bars. Because I only made an 8×8 pan of them, they didn’t take very long, and it helped with portion control later! (Let’s be honest, these only lasted about 2 days.)


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Brown Sugar Ice Cream with Speculoos Crumbs

Everyone is in love with cookie butter, but the cookies they start with are pretty good, too. I like the spicy taste, and I thought it would go well with ice cream. I have made cookie butter swirled ice cream before, but nothing like this. I was inspired by my vanilla ice cream swirl recipe, and I came up with this.



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Vanilla Ice Cream with Cookie Butter Swirls

As promised in the last post, here is another cookie butter recipe. This time, in ice cream! Yeah yeah, it’s the end of November and you might think I’m silly for making ice cream. But, as I keep trying to explain to people, ice cream is a year-round dessert to my husband. I debated if I wanted to make an ice cream flavored with the cookie butter, or swirl it in. As you can tell from the title, I went for the add-in option. Next time I might try to make its own flavor, too.

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