Chicken Biryani

This is not my first time making Chicken Biryani, but it is my first time following the America’s Test Kitchen recipe. I was surprised that none of the spices I bought when we first started making Indian food were included in this. No cumin, turmeric…none! Instead, this recipe was all fancy and included saffron and cardamom seed pods. Well, I did my best with this recipe, but I definitely had to make some changes to have it work in my kitchen. I am providing the recipe below, but in “Fudging Ahead Style”.

Before you get all upset about purchasing saffron, I will say that you do not use very much at all. The amount I got cost about $16, but I only used a tiny piece of it, so maybe a couple dollars worth end up in the dish? Not so bad when you think about how adding cilantro and mint each cost a fair amount. It seems pointless, but I will say that this dish had a lot of flavor. As for the cardamom seed pods, I did not find them initially, so I bought just the seeds in bulk and did a bit of an estimate on how many to throw in. If you can get the actual pods, the recipe says to use 10 of them and grind them with the handle of a cleaver.

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