Baltimore Bomb Pie (Bergers Cookie Pie)

I decided to start off your year perfectly for your New Year’s plans. Earlier this week was ice cream and today we have pie. And not just any pie, but one with Bergers cookies. AKA, some of the best cookies ever. Unfortunately, you can only find them in Baltimore (unless you order online). There is a King Arthur Flour recipe for them, but as a native Baltimorean, I can tell you that the recipe is not good. I tried it, and it didn’t taste like the cookies at all. Not even like the generic store brand version of them. Talk about a disappointment. Well…I love to freeze packs of them and save them. Unfortunately, sometimes I save them for too long. Then, throwing them into a dessert is a perfect way to still enjoy them, but not feel like I am wasting them. I hadn’t made this pie before because I didn’t want to waste the cookies. But, I had a package of ones that were past their prime. So, here we go! I also had 4 egg yolks that needed to be used. Since I had just made ice cream recently, I wanted to try to make something new.


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