Chicken Meatball and Bean Soup

Nothing groundbreaking today, but this is a nice soup that can be fine on a warm or cold day. It is light enough to not feel too heavy on a summer day, and is a warm soup which can feel great on a chilly day. It is also a fairly complete meal with the protein and vegetable. If you wish, you can have some bread on the side.


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Chili with Bacon

I have made chili before, and even shared it on here. And again here. After growing up not having it very often (someone in the family didn’t care for beans-ahemDadahem), I enjoy eating it. On its own it is good, but it is even better with cheese and other toppings. Mmmm. Kind of like a baked potato. I made this recipe on a warm day, but thankfully we have air conditioning, so I can ignore the weather a bit and make the food I am in the mood for. Or at least the food I bought groceries for. (It seems silly to complain about, but isn’t it a little annoying when you expect rainy/cool weather and plan a comfort food meal only to have really sunny, warm weather instead?)


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Coffee Ice Cream (take 2)

Is it okay that I’ve only had this blog for a few months but am posting a second coffee ice cream recipe? This is the recipe for those who want a super strong coffee flavor. To be honest, this post would have come sooner but I thought I had already shared it. I was eating some of it and went to check the recipe. I thought I had already written it: I could even picture how I had laid out the pictures. So, I either did not save it or was blogging in my dreams. Either way, boo.


This is another recipe that keeps popping up…a chocolate hazelnut cake that needs to get shared at some point. It pairs so well with ice cream!

So, here is a recipe that I adapted from The Perfect Scoop by David Lebovitz. I was at the grocery store and remembered that I could somehow use coffee beans to infuse more flavor, but I was not sure how many to get. Just to be safe, I ended up getting about 1 cup and I was supposed to use more than 1.5 or 2 cups. Feel free to use more beans, but this version works just fine, too!

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