Coffee Blondies

These definitely give you a coffee flavor, but not only that, they were great blondies. I made these for my dad without the coffee and used extra vanilla instead. He said they were some of the best blondies he has had, so clearly the coffee part isn’t the only good part of the recipe.

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Another Brownie Recipe

That’s right. I’m here to share yet another brownie recipe with you. In case you couldn’t tell, I happen to love bars and brownies. More than cookies. Not that I don’t love cookies. And really, you shouldn’t make me pick between them, but I would pick brownies and bars. Now, if I had to decide between peanut butter and chocolate, I couldn’t do it. Just couldn’t.



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Nutty/Mint Cookies and Cream Bars

Hey, you! If you read the title and decided these weren’t for you, hold on just a minute. Or maybe longer if you need longer to read this. First, you can make these bars without mint. It’s a small amount and you don’t need to substitute anything in for it…just don’t use it. For the “nutty” part, you can use different nuts. I used walnuts, and you could maaaaaybe even do without the nuts. Just make sure you use extra Oreo cookies. I actually think the nuts make it a bit more unusual because they add a nice texture and salty/creamy vibe (since nuts have oil in them). And if you looked and realized you need to chop them, here is another reason to not shy away: use a food processor. I did the cookies and walnuts in it, and it was fast, easy, and made the Fudgelet laugh (I make funny faces for him when I use the food processor so that the loud noise is amusing rather than scary). As far as the coffee goes, you really don’t taste it much. I say “much” just because it is there a bit. Maybe you could just use water? Or add a bit of cocoa powder instead of instant coffee to the water? Could be fun to try.


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Peanut Butter Cheesecake Bars

First, a shoutout to my Aunt V who sent this recipe to me. It looked a bit different…basically, I decided to do a riff on what she sent me. The combination of chocolate and peanut butter is always so delicious, so it’s not like you can go wrong. And look at the results….


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Tagalong Bars

One of my favorite combos is peanut butter and chocolate. You will see it on the blog some, but not nearly as much as I would like. K prefers other combinations a bit more, so I usually try to spread out my peanut butter and chocolate treats (that’s love right there). These were made for a party we were attending. I didn’t have a lot of time on one day, but I had time spread over a couple days, which made these bars ideal to make. I could make the initial layers, and wait to finish it until close to the party.


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Simple Blueberry Bars

As mentioned in the soup post on Wednesday, we have been having gorgeous weather, and the July 4th weekend was particularly lovely. We had a bit of a staycation–we went to an island the one day, had a party another day, and went blueberry picking on a different day. Naturally we picked way too many (at $2 a pound, how can you resist?) and I had to come up with a few uses for them besides general snacking. The first recipe was for these bars. Dorie calls it a cake, but really it works well as breakfast blueberry bars….so that is how I am filing this.


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Coffee Cheesecake Bars

Everyone keeps making Grasshopper pies, cheesecakes, etc. (mostly because it is the season for green food and Girl Scout Thin Mints). It is appealing to me, but when it got down to it, I wanted to make a coffee dessert, and put my own spin on it. It’s your basic cheesecake bars, so you could feel free to mix it up and do mint instead (like the original recipe), leave it plain, add chocolate, or something else. The white chocolate chips on top are great because they add a bit of creamy sweetness to soften the coffee and dark chocolate. Make sure you use a good quality white chocolate since you will be biting right into it. You want it to taste creamy and rich, like the milk you might pour into your coffee.



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