Sweet Meatballs (Made into Subs)

These have a tiny bit of sweet and sour flavor, but mostly sweet. It is almost like barbecue sauce for meatballs. K really liked it and said I needed to make the sauce again, so I guess I have a hit! I actually made these the same day I made my brownies and a dish coming on Friday, which meant I was quite tired. I had a day off, so I was trying to make meals for the week. K told me he could have made the meatballs, except I kind of made up the recipe on the spot. That would have been a bit tricky to direct him. At least now he can follow the recipe! It’s pretty easy, and you could change some parts around. For instance, you might have a favorite meatball recipe you already like. Or, you could make the sauce for something else, like chicken! Hmm. Now I am thinking about chicken meatballs in this sauce….potential!


Part of the reason we had the meatballs was to use up some bread. If you didn’t want them as subs, you could just enjoy them with some pasta, or other side dish.


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