Baked Pasta with Mushrooms, Sausage, and a Cream Sauce

Here is a dish I was able to make while having to watch both kids on a weeknight. It was delicious and well-liked by everyone. K asked if we could have it again soon, so maybe on the next cold weather day. I really liked the crispy topping with the creamy mushroom sauce.

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Rigatoni with Sausage and Fennel

This is a great make ahead dish and looked mediocre before baking it, even if you don’t have to according to Ina.

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Baked Pasta with Sweet Potatoes and Cheese

I am a bit hesitant about posting this recipe since most of the pictures don’t properly reflect the changes I made. There was a Food and Wine recipe I adapted, and I am adapting it again for this post. Basically, K and I weren’t big fans of certain ingredients/steps. I could be a good food blogger and make it again for new pictures, but we have a bunch of leftovers to get through and that feels wasteful. (Sorry.) So instead, use your imagination a bit with my pictures, but follow the steps I wrote. Really, it is more about omitting the radicchio I used, cutting the pasta amount in half, and adding in some peas. We loved the sweet potatoes in this (K kept commenting on them) and definitely want to keep them in mind for future cheesy pasta recipes.



I did manage to take some pictures when we ate leftovers. I added peas and sausage and it tasted really good.


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