Tips-y Tuesdays: Bailey’s Cookies and Cream Milkshake

This post could also be titled, “How to Thank Your Husband for Getting Dinner”. Clearly this recipe is not something I had any part of. Not because I’m pregnant. Just because I don’t enjoy the taste of alcohol. This did not smell good to me at all, but I took it as a good sign that it must have enough alcohol for the dear K. You see, I made Bailey’s ice cream a very long time ago for him. But, he has taken his sweet time finishing it, which also means I was down my glass container for a long time. *sigh* Supposedly he kept forgetting about it, and because it wasn’t in one of our normal ice cream containers, he thought it was soup or something!? I’m all, what white soup have I made? Who knows. Anyway, there was one serving left, so I used it to make this milkshake for him. He had talked about making a milkshake with it and some Oreos, so I decided to make it happen for him.


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Bailey’s and Chocolate Frosting Ice Cream

To be clear, you don’t need to have chocolate frosting in this ice cream, if you prefer your Bailey’s “straight”. You also don’t need the Bailey’s. You could leave it out and have vanilla ice cream with chocolate frosting. Both work.


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Ladyfingers–oooh lala


Did you know how easy Ladyfingers are to make?  I had no idea, but I needed to find out to save my Bailey’s Marshmallows that didn’t turn out. 😦  I received Bailey’s as a gift, but since I don’t really like drinking alcohol, I was persuaded to cook with it.  I thought about making Irish Cupcakes (they are such the rage on the internet) but then wanted to try something a little different.  I’ve made marshmallows a few times before, and didn’t think it would be hard to make a Bailey’s version.  Since marshmallows are all about getting the proportions right, I looked up a recipe to know how much of the alcohol would be needed, and when to add it.  Well, the ratios didn’t seem quite right, but I went with it anyway.  I didn’t know if the alcohol changed the basic marshmallow recipe or not.  Unfortunately, the recipe was a dud because the marshmallows never set up the way they should, so I was left with a sticky, messy something that felt like a waste.  That’s when inspiration hit!

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