Cilantro Lime Shrimp (Sous Vide)

I found this recipe and it sounded interesting, but I usually have to make some changes with spicy-ish dishes for the family. No big deal. But I also wanted to add in some more avocado (a favorite for all of us now), and I decided to cook it sous vide.

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Beef Enchiladas with an Avocado Cream Sauce

Victory! I finally got K to eat enchiladas. And he liked them! When we first started dating, he didn’t want to have them because he didn’t like how they had so much sauce. So, I just thought he was opposed to sauce. Or Mexican seasoning. Well, seeing as how we love tacos so much, it’s not the seasoning. And, seeing as how he always wants more sauce on food, it wasn’t the sauce.



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Avocado and Cucumber Soup

Today I have a recipe that is only one line long…assuming you ignore the ingredient list. I guess I could condense that into one line somehow, but that might be a bit confusing? This was the soup we had at our July 4 party. For the first July4 in a while, we had a gorgeous sunny day. In fact, summer has been absolutely amazing this year. It started around April or May and has been sunny almost every single day with perfect temperatures. The funny part about Seattle summers is that sometimes it looks really dark and depressing in the morning. You think that it can never possibly cheer up from that depth of misery, but then around late morning or early afternoon the sun is all of a sudden out, and somehow you missed the clouds leaving. Immediately it goes from a bit chilly to almost hot (but not unbearable) and you get to grumble about your unsuitable clothing for the day, unless you wore layers.



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