Wayback Wednesdays: Arabic (Pita) Bread

I have been trying to make pita bread on repeat for the last 6 months because I finally got another baking stone. Years ago when I was living solo, I had my own baking stone. It didn’t seem to work particularly well, and I think it might have even broken? Either way, I wasn’t going to cart it 3000 miles to my new home. I decided to give them another try and put one on my wishlist. My dad and M got it for me, and I have been trying it with different recipes. I still wasn’t having the best luck, so I put a pause on it. Then, I saw someone share a recipe for their pita bread which got me interested…only to see that theirs used a bread machine. So, I decided to try my first pita recipe which is on here.

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Arabic Bread

I can tell you that this bread is pretty simple because I made it while we were assembling the crib for our future little Fudgingahead. It was our final piece of nursery furniture, so we are relieved to be done! Now it’s just time to buy everything else–ha!


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