Mixed Bag Monday (Part 2): Pie Crust and Scones

After starting a Montage Monday series, I realized I wanted to rename it. It happens. So, introducing the new name… Mixed Bag. I feel like it better illustrates the good and bad I will share with these posts, and also lets you know that they are not single recipe posts. I previously used a Mixed Monday as a way of sharing some recipes that were so-so, and some that were not great. And, overall, just posts I didn’t feel like writing about. When I wrote the last one, I was not sure I would have need to write another one, but I left my options open with the “Part 1” in the title. Sure enough, I do want to make use of it again. This time, for recipes I *do* like. There is another commonality in the posts today. The recipes were both from my dad and stepmother visiting. You might have seen me mention the visit when I talked about cinnamon chips I made. I ended up using the cinnamon chips in a scone recipe that I already have on the blog. I don’t want to share a repeat post, so I am merely showing another option for that recipe.


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Apple Crumb Pie

Apparently I’ve been making a bunch of food recently, so this is actually the dessert I made for my dad for my Thanksgiving visit. I am visiting my family again for Christmas, which means any Christmas baking will have to be posted after the fact. Particularly because some of their gifts are food, and I don’t want to ruin the surprises. For instance, my dad is getting another “dessert” (I already told him it’s more savory than sweet this month) that needs to be made in person. Supposedly it is best when made fresh, so we’ll see how it goes! It will be my first time making it, so hopefully it goes ok. For November’s dessert, I had to schedule the Apple Crumb Pie for a visit because there was no way that was going to ship properly. I was a little concerned about making the pie crust at my dad’s, but it ended up working out fine. Using my mom’s marble slab was nice since his counters aren’t granite like mine.


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