Chiplet Adventures (part 21): Letters E and Z

Continuing the alphabet train here with two more letters: E and Z!

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Chiplet Adventures (part 19): Letter Q

Here we are, back with a new letter. It’s funny what the Chiplet chooses to pick versus the Fudgelet. The Fudgelet didn’t have a clue what “queen” or “king” is at this age, but the Chiplet has an idea from reading different books. We had fun making these letters.


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Chiplet Adventures (part 19): Letters U and Y

In the interest of catching up a bit, today I am combining two of the letters we did…U and Y. Again, nothing fancy today. The fanciest is using a hole puncher for one of the Y crafts.

Let’s start with Y is for…

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Chiplet Adventures (part 18): Letter V Week

We need to speed through these letter posts! I also need to doublecheck which ones I haven’t shared on here, yet. I might start doubling up if there are a bunch left. It’s hard since we went out of order. This week I have letter V to share. It was pretty simple since he now knows the word vehicles and already knew about volcanoes (benefits of having an older sibling).

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Chiplet Adventures (part 17): Letter K Week

Still keeping it mostly simple with the letters…I am losing track a bit on which ones I have shared here, so I might need to go back and check. But, today I bring K!

Of course we had to do kangaroo! Complete with a joey in a pouch.

Then, for the little uppercase K we did Kite. Just to drive it home further, we have little Ks as ribbons on the kite string.

He still loves doing all of the crafts.

Chiplet Adventures (part 7): Letter G Week

Trying to catch up a bit since these pictures and activities are from 3 months ago…but I guess it doesn’t matter too much. But I want to get caught up for everything, even if it is kind of impossible (see my scrapbook from last year–still empty). The snow days we had this month didn’t help, either, since I had fewer nap times to work.

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Chiplet Adventures (part 5): Letter H week

We were quite busy for letter H week. As usual, we started with uppercase H but did other activities to include big brother Fudgelet, too.

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