Fudgelet Adventures (part 20): Assorted Crafts and Activities

To start out the year with my first post, it actually has no food in it. But, we need to warm our way up to that, I guess. I had some different activities I did with the Fudgelet during the Fall, and I want to make sure I share them for me to remember and maybe for anyone else interested.

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Fudgelet Adventures (part 18): Oil and Water Lava Lamp (and more)

Here is are fun simple activities for when you need a little quiet time. Not quiet time to yourself…I can’t help you with that, but quiet time with a 3 year old. Now, my almost 4 year old is finally calming down again. He was a great young 3 year old, and then a very emotional and cranky 3.5 year old. 3.75 years-4 years is feeling better again. Which is also nice since the baby is more on the move now and I need to focus on him even more than before. Anyway, I got the idea to make some more calming jars and they really do seem to help the Fudgelet when he needs some down time. Making them is also part of the fun.

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