Tips-y Tuesdays: Pesto Eggs

Today I bring you a short and sweet post. Well, maybe not short and sweet; more like short and savory. I heard someone mention this as an idea, and I wanted to try it. Well, it worked! The Fudgelet who doesn’t enjoy eggs actually found these appealing. So, what are pesto eggs?

You just make scrambled eggs as you would, but I would add less salt, and you add some pesto while they scramble. I added my pesto near the start because my pesto is frozen (I like to make big batches and keep it in the freezer in tablespoon-sized amounts), but if you are using fresh pesto, then add it closer to the end. That’s it. Nothing else fancy going on. You can add as little or as much as you like. I added about 2 Tablespoons for several (maybe 5-6) eggs and it was a good amount.

You could also use the pesto with a fried egg, but that seems self-explanatory since breakfast sandwiches sometimes have that pairing.

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