Topic-Changing Thursdays: Dear Fudgelet, Part 9

Dear Fudgelet,

I somehow missed writing directly to you last year. The last time I wrote, you were getting ready for kindergarten. Well, we all know how that school year ended…and then first grade was fully remote at home. It has been quite a year (or two, I guess now). We have made use of our extra time at home by doing playtime with the Chiplet, exploring our neighborhood, and mastering new skills like riding your bike and scooter, playing soccer, and working on academics. You have been so amazing through all of this. To keep things “real,” yes, we had some problems, but we are going to always have some rough waters in life, and I don’t think us being home together was what made it rough. I was grateful to get that time with you, since the Chiplet and I had already been missing you when you would be at school, so it was nice to get a little bonus time.

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