Tips-y Tuesdays: French Toast

Maybe you’ve already mastered your French toast technique, but I am constantly re-evaluating my process and recipes. Recently I tried a new recipe that involved stuffing the bread with a black sesame paste. I think I didn’t toast the sesame seeds properly because it didn’t remind me of this treat like it should have.

I would like to play more with stuffing French toast, but I am still working on getting that perfect. Because I keep forgetting to take pictures each time I make it, I will share from the sesame bread experiment.

What main tips would I like to share today?

  • Start with well-dried bread (I bake mine at a low 250-300 degree F oven temperature for about 10 minutes per side). You can do this ahead of time, like even the day before.
  • Don’t use bread with thick crusts.
  • You don’t need to use high fat dairy, such as heavy cream or whole milk…but you do need to soak the bread for a long while.
  • Let the bread soak until it is almost falling apart. This will change depending on how thick your bread is, but it could be 5 minutes per side. The pictures above show toast that isn’t soaked enough because I was worried about messing with the filling.
  • Use butter (or a substitute like Smart Balance) to brown the bread the best for cooking it.
  • Cook over medium heat, not high, to cook the bread through while not over-browning it.
  • Use sugar on top before flipping the bread to brown the second side and caramelize it.
  • For leftovers, try microwaving it until warm, then put it in the oven at 350 degrees F to crisp up the edges again.

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