Tips-y Tuesdays: An Upgrade to Store-Bought Tortellini or Ravioli

We are in that time of year when you might be getting some cooking fatigue. One of my standbys from my single days that is still something I make regularly involves store-bought tortellini. You can do it with any stuffed pasta shapes you might come across.

What to do? Start by gathering some olive oil, Parmesan or Pecorino Romano cheese, and some seasonings such as oregano, pepper, fresh basil, etc.

  • Cook your tortellini as recommended on the package.
  • Drain the pasta, leaving a little bit of the pasta water in the pot.
  • Add some olive oil to the pot, along with the seasoning.
  • Stir to combine.
  • Serve!

That’s it. It is super basic, but a way of enjoying the flavors of the fillings while upgrading the flavor a bit. If you really want, you could add some cooked meat, such as bacon, spam, etc. My boys all love spam, so I can easily cook a bit of it and add it in (but sparingly since it is salty).

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