Tips-y Tuesdays: General Gift Ideas

Maybe you are still looking for some gift ideas, but you know you are running low on time. Well, I have a few kitchen items that you might not have thought of, or might not have realized are so handy. Now, unlike some other internet people, I am not sharing links to specific items. Instead, I am just listing ideas since I can’t say that I have the best of each item to share with you.

  • Oven thermometer: if you want a small gift, this is something that people might not have but it can be handy. Maybe a stocking stuffer?
  • An electric griddle: I didn’t realize how much I would use one until I received it. I was able to find room in my pantry for it since the legs fold in. I use it pretty much every week for pancakes, English muffins, and French toast. I am sure there are other things, but those are easy. Plus, it is easy to clean since it is nonstick and I don’t need to use anything to grease the skillet most of the time. It really speeds up the cooking process.
  • A cast iron skillet and/or a carbon steel wok: both can be quite reasonably priced and are designed to last for years. I got the wok this year, but have been using both nonstop this year. Instead of using nonstick pans, I have been trying to use these two (or a stainless steel pan I have) for 90% of my cooking. It means I don’t have to worry about the coating coming of and shopping for new ones every few years.
  • Spatulas: I use spatulas so often and have a whole drawer of them. Silicone, wood, metal (especially a “fish” style one), a giant one for going under cake layers…you name it, I probably have it.
  • Wooden spoons: I really love having wooden spoons that are different sizes. I can use them at the same time if need be. My main necessity for them is to have a bit of depth to them. I don’t have much of a use for spoons that can’t hold much. I like the ones that can hold a decent amount, but also aren’t ladles.
  • Silicone pan liners or parchment paper: I like using both. Sometimes one is better than the other depending on what I am making. Parchment paper can be great for sheet pans, but also getting someone cake pan liners if you know they make lots of cakes, and if you know their cake pan sizes. It is not enjoyable to buy parchment circles for yourself, but it is enjoyable to receive them and know you get to use them!
  • Vanilla extract or paste: This is an ingredient that can be a bit fancy and spendy, or you can get a smaller jar if you want something a bit cheaper. It is also a great ingredient that most bakers use.
  • Pepper grinder/salt holder: I actually bought these for K even though I have ended up using them more frequently than him. He likes adding some extra when we eat steak. A nice pepper grinder (complete with a bag of peppercorns) is handy for cooking. The salt holder is also handy to just throw in a pinch.

I hope this helps if you are shopping for someone who spends time in the kitchen.

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