Dear Chiplet, Part 3

Dear Chiplet,

I am so excited that we have had three years with you! This year has been so different than anyone would expect, but you have managed to adapt.

Earlier this year, we were happy to find out that you could eat all dairy items, and you have been enjoying them. It took you a bit to get onboard the cow milk train, but you drink it just fine now. You also enjoy mac and cheese, pizza, and adding cheese on your pasta.

For your third birthday, we ended up making dairy-free cupcakes and using store-bought frosting since it is dairy-free…but it wasn’t for you. It was all delicious, though, and matched the rainbows and chocolate you asked for. You even helped color the frosting and cupcakes.

We have been making changes recently, partially because you are getting bigger, but also to help me because I won’t be able to pick you up for your crib soon. By the time this post goes up, it will have already been almost a month of having you in a toddler bed, so I hope you adjust. You had been sleeping so well for us, with naps and nighttime. You even started to settle after daylight savings, but now the week of your birthday, you have been not good at all. I don’t know if you are dropping naptime, or just adjusting to the changes of getting older (for example, you are very close to being potty-trained, which is great, but maybe a lot for your brain?). Whatever it is, I am sorry for my cranky mood, but hope I can get more rest again soon!

It has been fun realizing all of the new things you learned this year. You are also more willing to listen, and not everything is a battle anymore. I am hopeful that this age will be even better for you than 2 since you like being able to do things yourself. I am also impressed with skills you have that the Fudgelet didn’t have yet, and still struggles with (he is so clumsy decorating cupcakes with sprinkles, but you were naturally good!).

I love you and am happy that you and the Fudgelet have each other. Even when I shouldn’t, you can make all of us laugh.



P.S. For those who are interested, I used Smart Balance for the butter and almond milk for the regular milk in this recipe: cupcakes!

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