Fudgelet and Chiplet Adventures (part 8): Fall During a Pandemic

I’ve mentioned how we have been trying to keep certain things the same for the kids as we celebrate holidays. Sometimes it can be a bit of a challenge to find workarounds, but we have managed so far this year. With Fall and Halloween activities, normally I plan lots of crafts, as well as a visit to the pumpkin patch (does anyone else feel huge relief after that trip? I always worry each year that we won’t be able to find a reasonably dry day, and this year we needed to worry about avoiding people), and of course trick or treating. What have we managed to do this year? Continue reading…

Well, for starters, it helps having extra crafts from years prior. I always try to hang onto things, whether it is saving some crafts that we don’t really need (for a future rainy day) or saving parts to recycle into a new craft. The watercolor papers were something I had from a previous year because they just worked so-so.

It turns out that using regular watercolors worked super well with them and were great for my painting-obsessed Chiplet.

Another painting activity was painting pumpkins. I actually got a kit from the grocery store. They had 6 smooth pumpkins with some paint (I supplemented with some of ours, too) which meant lots for all of us to paint.

Another successful painting activity was this craft I ordered from a store:

It is a magnet that is rated age 8 and up, but was super easy for my almost 3 year old to do. I wish I had bought more. Even with him not being super careful, it still looks really nice, and we can save it as a decoration for future years.

Now, a craft that did not work so well that I ordered was this bead craft…

You put it in the oven to melt into a suncatcher. It did…but it was super hard to keep the beads in their sections, and the glow-in-the-dark beads do not glow in the dark.

A not fall-specific craft was from a subscription box we get…you take colored tissue paper shapes (you could easily make these) and put them onto wet watercolor paper. Let them dry, and then remove them. It makes fun colors on the paper that you can turn into cards or just artwork.

You can also teach color mixing with it.

Another craft was making spider webs with painter’s tape. We got this idea from Busy Toddler.

The Chiplet chose to paint, and the Fudgelet chose crayon.

Obviously we had to add on spiders (the Fudgelet read about spiders having 8 eyes, so that’s why his has so many). It was a fun craft that we spread out a bit. The Fudgelet got tired of coloring, so I had him take breaks. The Chiplet did the painting all in one session.

And yes, we did manage to do a visit to a farm. We went on a weekday when it wasn’t as crowded. The corn maze was not really a maze, but rather one way to ensure social distancing. That might be boring for adults, but it was great for the kids.

The kids had a lot of fun, and we even picked up a pumpkin (pumpkins are cheaper at the stores here, so I bought our other ones from the store).

As for trick or treating, we are turning out the lights, hiding candy (which I was able to find in glow in the dark wrappers), and giving the kids flashlights to find the candy in the house. It obviously isn’t the same, but they are excited. Plus, we don’t have to worry about the weather. It might be a good solution for any future rained out Halloweens!

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