Topic-Changing Thursdays: The Chiplet is 2.5 Years Old!

Sometimes it seems like I shouldn’t bother with a half year update, but there are always so many changes during these early years. We even have lots of good news from this set of 6 months.

We still have our challenges…sleep is an ongoing situation, there are many tantrums and mood swings which honestly could be from being 2/being the Chiplet with his strong personality and opinions/the current situation with staying home. Sometimes he is better with being gentle, following directions, etc., and other times he is not. Some days it feels like he is way better with behavior, and then other days he starts tearing/breaking things. Those days are always the ones when I have slept the least, we are stuck indoors with rain, the Fudgelet is having a bad day too, etc. And then the good days always feel so short in comparison! But, I think some of it is just a constant comparison between him and the Fudgelet. The Fudgelet was definitely different at this age, but it’s also the fact that you have an almost 6 year old who listens (mostly) and is so much more mature making your 2 year old look worse in comparison. So, I try to remind myself that he is still mostly a baby.

All of the Good

Obviously I prefer to focus on the good, so let’s get to that!

  • Food: In case you haven’t seen in some of my previous posts, the Chiplet can now do all dairy! Still no peanuts, but that is so minor. We immediately started eating cheese dishes like regular mac and cheese, lasagna, grilled cheese, etc. He is definitely a fan. Cow milk is mostly okay for him, but he still will ask for almond milk. We have been mixing it up for him so that he gets both. We tried chocolate milk, but he didn’t like it. As for other food, he has gotten really good with his utensils. Most of the time he eats quickly although he might have to be prompted to eat his fruits still.
  • Playtime: He has always been great about playing independently, and that is still true. When I do a workout, he is mostly okay playing by himself near me, if it is just him. If he is playing with the Fudgelet, then sometimes I have to run interference. They are probably good about playing together 60-70% of the time, and the other time is figuring out ways for them to play nicely together. Often the Fudgelet has ideas and stories he wants to do, and then the Chiplet doesn’t always want to go along with them. If the Fudgelet is flexible, they figure it out on their own, but sometimes they can’t agree and need me.
  • Favorites: The Chiplet still loves reading, and we read a lot, especially during meals. He also still loves all vehicles. He has gotten more interested in building with blocks, especially ones that lock together like Duplos or Legos. He still likes coloring and art, but I haven’t been able to do as much art with him recently since the Fudgelet is home. I’m hoping to do more especially once summer comes and the Fudgelet doesn’t have school work to do. We have actually been playing outside a lot lately, and he is loving the water and sand bins for playtime.
  • Learning: The Chiplet knows most of his letters, sometimes knows his numbers, and knows his colors. It’s pretty hard to know what he actually knows because he sometimes seems so have forgotten the information, but it’s possible he just doesn’t want to “perform” because other times he seems to know way more than other times. All of this to show that the Fudgelet knowing stuff had nothing to do with me, haha. He enjoys when he gets to do “work” just like K and the Fudgelet. He most enjoys stickers, dot to dots, mazes, and coloring.
  • Physical: He is getting faster, jumping so much (the Fudgelet didn’t jump much for awhile, and the Chiplet has been doing it for ages!), learning to use a scooter, and generally trying to keep up with his big brother. Although his brother was better with learning letters/etc. (he was reading some words by this point), the Chiplet is much more into climbing, jumping, exercising, etc.
  • Verbal: The Chiplet is still super chatty. He likes to make up stories to tell us. Basically, he will take things he has seen or read and pretend something about them. This morning he told me we should have gorillas in our backyard so that we could see them. He has been obsessed with the different zoo live cams of animals.

It is an interesting time, and I am grateful that we have all been healthy and trying to enjoy all of this time together. Even with the occasional fighting, it is nice having the Fudgelet and Chiplet together. They keep each other entertained way more than I ever could.

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