Mixed-Bag Mondays: Sweet and Savory

I haven’t shared a hits and misses for awhile. And when I say “hits” I would say these are “okays” and “mehs” that I made in the winter. Let’s start with a meal that could be fine but it was a bit too salty for me.

I started with sauteing some mushrooms until browned.

I added seasoning as well as some green onions.

I added some gnocchi that I had boiled so that I could brown them a bit.

There was also some broccoli and bacon too.

I think I might just want to like gnocchi more than I do. I’m not sure. There wasn’t anything especially wrong with it, so it might just be that gnocchi isn’t my favorite.

For a different savory dish, my problem was not the taste of the food but how it turned out, especially with the appearance.

This was the start of salisbury steaks. I’ve made something similar before, but this was a new to me recipe.

Things seemed okay up until this part…

but it was so hard to keep the “steaks” from falling apart when you add them back to the sauce. I’m not sure what happened.

The taste was okay, but I wouldn’t make them again just because it was more work than it should be, and it wasn’t easy to serve.

Now for two sweets…

this was another recipe that was okay. I kind of liked it, but was also a bit unsure. It’s an apple/blueberry muffin that I made to help use up some blueberries that weren’t sweet enough.

I think maybe it was too much fruit for the amount of dough.

I also think I added too much cinnamon to them. They were okay but not worth making again.

Another recipe that was a hit with me and the kids but not with K was a cupcake recipe I made, cobbling together some recipe ideas to make a copycat of Hostess cupcakes. One problem was making the filling dairy-free since this was when the Chiplet still couldn’t do dairy.

The recipe made two dozen regular-sized cupcakes so I sent half with K to work (again, this was back awhile ago).

One more thing to share is just that I finally mastered a dairy-free macaroni and cheese recipe for the Chiplet…and now he can eat the regular kind!

Just showing a side by side of making a regular sauce with a dairy-free sauce.

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