Chiplet Adventures (part 10): Letter M week

Now onto a trickier letter… M! Let’s jump right in with M is for mouse.

Lots of gluing which means he often gets glue on his fingers…he hates that. He doesn’t like anything on his hands at all. He only started liking stamps more recently, and even then he has to be reminded that they wash off.

After we made our mouse, the next day we did another mouse activity.

I taped different colored houses onto the baking sheet and made a little mouse. Then, I would hide the mouse behind a house. He would have to guess the color it was hiding in. He thought it was hilarious, and it also helped him get better with his colors. We kept this activity for over a month!

Finally for m, we ended with m is for monster. This is one of the closest letters to what the Fudgelet did…he did m is for monster mittens.

We jazzed it up though by using paint sticks to decorate it, and then lots of eyes.

Super easy mode, but fun.


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