Chiplet Adventures (part 7): Letter G Week

Trying to catch up a bit since these pictures and activities are from 3 months ago…but I guess it doesn’t matter too much. But I want to get caught up for everything, even if it is kind of impossible (see my scrapbook from last year–still empty). The snow days we had this month didn’t help, either, since I had fewer nap times to work.

Let’s kick it off with uppercase G…

I’d ask you to guess but the foam G kind of gives it away there.

Any activity involving paint is a hit for him.

Our paint wasn’t opaque but that’s fine. You get the point.

After the paint dried, he used paint markers for the orange dots and then I used some craft glue to adhere the rest. The clothespins also got painted.

Next was some math and color practice with matching stickers to the eyes on our ghosts. I believe I shared this already, back with Halloween activities, but it was also for “G” so here it is again if you missed it.

Pretty straightforward using dot stickers, and he thought it was hilarious.

And then they needed more color, in his opinion.

We attempted a guitar out of lowercase g’s. K and the Fudgelet weren’t sure what we made. Oops.

Tape worked the best for holding our strings in place since he kept playing with it.

And for our finale, we did a little review. He ended up not doing much of this on this day, but finished it over the next days/weeks…we kept pulling it out.


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