Tips-y Tuesdays: Stuffing Leftovers

The days after Thanksgiving…what do you run out of first? We always are left with lots of starches and run out of turkey first. Part of the “problem” is that we make lots of starches and only the one turkey breast. So, what to do? Well, rolls are great for a lunch sandwich to switch things up a bit. Mashed potatoes can go with lots of proteins. But what about stuffing? It is generally best with poultry, but this year I decided to casserole-it. It already had sausage in it, so I figured I would turn it into a breakfast casserole.

It was easier than expected, which was good since the Fudgelet and I got sick shortly after Thanksgiving and needed easy meals. All I did was take the stuffing…

and I whisked some eggs and milk together before stirring it in with the stuffing.

I spread it in a casserole dish and baked it at 375 degrees F until it was 160 degrees F when measured with a thermometer.

Easy peasy.

With the sausage inside, and the added eggs, it was a full meal…along with the leftover roasted veggies.

4 thoughts on “Tips-y Tuesdays: Stuffing Leftovers

  1. I never thought of putting the stuffing in a breakfast casserole! Great idea! Wishing all of you a very happy 2020.


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