Friday Favorites 33

How has it been so many months since the last one of these? I guess I’ve been cooking my favorites instead of acquiring a list. The other funny thing is I’ve been more interested in savory dishes than desserts. But I will also admit that I’ve been making lots of old favorites over and over, or making slight changes to them instead.

A picture from a park in Maryland.

Relaxing in Maryland

  1. Let’s start with a savory dish that I want to make but would need to substitute a bit for the Chiplet. I might be able to make personal galettes instead of one big one?
  2. I know these are Christmas cookies, but you could easily decorate these for any occasion and I like the chocolate base, since most of this style are peanut butter or vanilla.
  3. I am intrigued by this recipe just because we like meatballs…but I would need to go to a further away store to get the watercress, so I would need to plan for that.
  4. I like the idea of pretzels on top of my chicken.
  5. This sauce sounds interesting for a side/vegetable dish.

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