Fudgelet Adventures (part 23): Beginning Addition

As a former math teacher, I obviously have mixed feelings about doing math with my child. Does that surprise you? I am both excited to teach him things, but also worried about messing up his math future since beginning math is not my forte. As a result, I did some with him previously, but had been waiting until 1) he showed more interest in numbers and 2) I had done more research into good early math skills and strategies.

Once the school year started, he was not really learning much new information. The start of Kindergarten was letter recognition and letter sounds with really basic math. So, I offered the Fudgelet a chance to do bonus math at home. He was excited, so I did activities some of the days after school. Sometimes he was too tired from school or not interested, so then we just skipped those days. I wanted it to be fun enrichment for him, and not a punishment.

We had done addition practice with small numbers before, and also with practical application (counting and grouping items). Now we were moving to trying to count to round numbers, such as 5, 10, and 20.

We started with 10 because it is easy to understand why “making a group of 10” would be a good idea (number of fingers, switching to two digits, etc.)

Instead of just writing the numbers, I thought it would be fun for him to make the numbers out of PlayDoh.

Next we did “making 20” but again, instead of writing we used stickers.

We ended with making 5, but also because I wanted to help him practice skip counting by 5.

I neglected to take pictures of him doing this, but basically his job was to find pairs that add to 5 and circle them. And then, for the other chart, he was to attempt to just fill in the purple column without needing the blue numbers. He wrote some in and also practiced skip counting, too.

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