Second Birthday Party Foods and Pictures

For the Chiplet’s birthday, there was no shortage of treats.

One of the best parts is that he could have all of the treats. The only thing he couldn’t eat was the popcorn just because he isn’t big enough yet for that, but everything else was fine.

The cupcakes were a chocolate frosting that I’ve shared on here, but with a small change I shared last week.

The cake was a road….

I used Oreo crumbs on top of the chocolate frosting.

Besides cake, I also made my favorite brownies and decorated them to look like traffic lights.

In case you hadn’t figured it out, we did a Cars theme.

The “spare tire” doughnuts will be shared in a future post, too. The cookies are just a sugar cookie recipe. The technique wasn’t executed perfectly, but I used edible markers to outline the car for better effect. The kids (and adults) got to decorate the cookies at the party.

I wanted to do it because the Chiplet loves coloring so much. We also had coloring sheets although my kids were the only ones really interested this time.

Likely because my kids were responsible for setting up the toys for the party too…

They had lots of fun bringing out all of the cars (this wasn’t the final product).

We also had some trucks upstairs holding balloons as decorations. The guests got to take home a balloon and truck at the end.

Yeah, we had the cake at his party and for his actual birthday. I just popped it in the freezer after the party to keep it fresh until the actual day versus having even more treats around that we didn’t need.

On the actual day we also did pictures.

I dressed him in the same clothes the Fudgelet wore for his second birthday.

He wanted to pose with his monkey, Elmo, and Lightning McQueen slippers.

All in all, he definitely enjoyed his birthday.

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