Topic-Changing Thursdays: The Chiplet is 2 Years Old!

Can you believe it? My little baby is definitely a full-on toddler now. It’s still hard to think of him that way just because he seems so small next to his big brother, and it’s hard to believe that the Fudgelet is a big kid now. But, that’s how time goes.

When thinking about his milestones and accomplishments, it’s really easy to miss some. Basically, he fits them in without much fanfare. Just this week I discovered he can count 1 to 10 and not just say the numbers, but actually point at stuff and count. When I try to get him to count to three he won’t, but all along could do 10? Who knew?! Now, can I record this? Nope, because he only does it when I don’t have my phone in hand. So, you will have to trust me on it. Same with knowing his colors. It’s definitely still an area he is working on, but he is pretty good at blue, pink, green, black, and orange. Yellow and red are harder for him to remember to say. His favorite colors seem to be pink and blue right now.

I also was ready to say he can’t sing songs or dance, but then he does it every so often, especially if he is playing on his own.

He also started lining up toys just like his brother used to do all the time (well, often still does).

The Chiplet is still super chatty and great with learning new words. He has been doing sentences for months now, and will do multiple sentences together. It’s also neat that he can communicate with non-family too. He will answer adult friends and even had his first playdate (he has had playdates before but they were always with the Fudgelet’s friends and this was the first time we planned a little sibling playdate). He was so excited and they talked with each other and even played together a bit (she is 3 and obviously further along but they still played so nicely together).

He is still quite active. The Fudgelet didn’t even want to jump yet, but the Chiplet has been jumping for awhile and loves it. He also does mule kicks and attempts headstands that turn into cartwheels.

We have been doing letters (if you’ve been following along with all of the blog posts) and lots of crafts. He knows most of the ones we have done, and he gets excited to point them out on the wall or if he sees them other places.

Sleeping and eating: he still is working on sleep. I think. For months he has been doing split naps (he will do half then wake up and need nursing for the second half, if he does it). This past week or so I’ve been having him sleep with a big knitted blanket. I tried it before, as well as other blankets, but he never wanted them. For whatever reason he seems to like it right now and has been sleeping a bit better. I’m hoping it isn’t a phase and that he really is improving. A few nights he has only woken up twice, which is amazing! For eating, he still likes to eat protein the most, but also will eat different fruits more readily now. Vegetables remain a favorite, too. Starches are hit or miss. Rice is probably his least favorite, but if it has a sauce on it, he is more likely to eat it. He also can identify more of what he is eating, including sweets, knowing something is “chocolate”. Halloween made me sad since he could only eat one candy in his whole haul, but I kind of expected it and bought some candy beforehand that I knew he could eat. He actually prefers other treats to candy, anyway, especially Oreos. They are a favorite since most flavors are safe for him to eat, and it is easy to give him a single one without having to worry.

I’m never sure which pictures will make their way into the post before it goes live since I write this before his actual birthday, but if not here then I will share them later. His brother will be at school and is sad that he will miss pictures, so I said we might do some after school too, if he wants. We also have his birthday party treats to share, coming up.

A few more favorites of his to mention:

His brother, duh.

He still loves cars and all vehicles. He also is really into sports. He made a golf club out of blocks that snap together and then was hitting a ball around with it. On that note, he also likes building, whether it is blocks, puzzles, crafts, etc. Books are also a big favorite. Coloring books, sticker books, and reading books. I will read to him at meal times to encourage him to eat faster. And finally, he loves hugs! He is always asking us for them, and then he gives really snuggly ones which is so great.

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