Tips-y Tuesdays: Last Minute Tips

Sometimes I go to make a recipe and think I have all of the necessary ingredients but then forget something. This seems to happen a lot lately. Almost like I’m sleep-deprived? Hahaha. Well, anyway, it’s not like I have all of the time to just run out and pick up what I need when I realize it, so I have learned to be flexible.

Just recently I picked up ground sausage at the store with plans to make pasta with it, but decided to make this risotto dish. In case you’re wondering, onions work fine for the shallots, and nutritional yeast works well for the cheese (more of a dairy replacement than last minute mistake, but still).

No pictures from that to share, but I also learned I could go without the grill.

I was facetiming with my dad and M and had prepared this chicken to be grilled. It had marinated and everything.

And then…it was pouring rain.

So, I decided to play around with baking it.

It took longer than expected, but a combination of baking it at 350 degrees F and then broiling it worked well.

Another time I had pulled out some meat from the freezer for dinner. It was already cooked and shredded for tacos so all I needed was the “fixins”. Well, I had the tortillas, cheese, and avocados, but forgot cilantro and lime. It turns out that basil and lemon juice also can make a good guacamole replacement with the avocados.

A little brighter and a little fruitier but it was still delicious and I could use what I had.

What tips can you share?

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