Chiplet Adventures (part 3): Letter F week

I decided to do “F” next for our letters because we were entering “Fall” and I thought we could do some activities around that.

We started by making a Fox.

I didn’t get a great picture of the final product but I think you get the idea. It worked out that he was still wearing his Fox sweatshirt when I had him make it, so he was holding it up to the shirt.

The next day I wanted to try an activity I saw where you put paint on a strip of cardboard/cardstock/etc. and then spread it on paper to paint rainbows/etc.

I picked Fall colors since we were also learning about Fall this week.

He needed some help to smear it around at first but then could do it solo…until he noticed paint on his fingers.

And at first he was bothered, but I let him know it would wash off. So,

he commenced finger painting, which still works with F!

Next we made a flamingo for the lowercase f.

Initially I was using some ideas online, so we started with one eye…I also made the wing part of the f instead of just on the side like some people did.

And I also made the head and beak part of the f, too. But the Chiplet insisted on two eyes.

And you know what?

It is definitely cuter that way.

I tried doing a review activity by matching the lowercase and uppercase letters, using our Fall leaf-hands. But…

It was a little tricky for him doing it this way and remembering which ones were already uncovered. So, I made it into a regular memory game (he likes those)

but I will be honest and say he wasn’t interested. Then I pulled out our foam letters to have him group them, and that worked a bit. But again, being honest, I have found that he gets a bit tired by the end of the week and needs simpler activities. So, I might make the review activities on the weekend or as a whole week coming up. We do talk about the letters regularly since we have them on the sliding doors right behind his high chair, so he can reference them easily.

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