Happy Halloween!

With two kids appreciating holidays, decorations, crafts, etc., it has been fun this Halloween to do lots of different activities with them. We still have more activities planned that I will have to share since I am writing this a week ahead of time, but here are some.

As is tradition now, we made a Halloween gingerbread house. This year we decided to use hot glue to help hold the house together. It did go a bit better and let us save the frosting for the candy. But at the same time, the frosting is pretty terrible in this kit. Next year we will either get a different one or potentially make one out of something else. My dad and M were here for this (also tradition) and they were talking about making gingerbread houses for Christmas and trying some other things. We shall see! Either way, all of us had fun and even the Chiplet took to it quickly.

Another tradition is this batch of stickers. We have been using this same set for years now and still have some! I also bought some new ones this year to add in to the mix. For whatever reason, stickers are always a hit with toddlers and I guess with Kindergarteners, too.

I decided last year was the last one to make hand leaves for the Fudgelet (his hands are getting too big) but I made new ones for the Chiplet and added to our tree. He has enjoyed playing with them and the small pumpkins. I leave them out on a coffee table for him to play with since he can’t really ruin them.

I’ve worked some color matching practice for the Chiplet into our Halloween theme, too.

Again, stickers are a hit.

We did a bit of a corn maze, but spent most of the time doing the other activities at a local farm.

Obviously we got some pumpkins…I will need to share how we decorated them once we get to that (we are waiting until the weekend before Halloween so that they won’t go moldy too soon).

We also often paint wooden crafts like this, but it was a first for the Chiplet. He didn’t want to stick to the traditional order of candy corn colors, but that only bothered the Fudgelet. The Fudgelet was busy perfecting his own.

He was getting upset if he made mistakes, but it was fine by the time he did more of it.

We’re still working on teaching the Chiplet Bingo, but we’re getting there.

A big kid activity I came across was making an “x-ray” style picture. You use your knuckles and measure the lengths to draw the bones within the hand tracing.

Then, here is the hard part, you color around the circles you drew…the Fudgelet kept wanting to color within the circles instead.

Finally, you take oil and a cotton swab, then paint the “bones” with it.

Hold it up to the light/window and it looks like an X-ray.

I hope you’re having a great Halloween if you celebrate!

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