Chiplet Adventures (part 2): Letter T week

When I gave the Chiplet ideas for this letter I saved one for last because I had a feeling he would pick it. A very strong feeling.

So, to start the week, he did what I expected and picked the tractor. I was happy to do it with him, but the only hang-up is that it is a sideways T, although the steering wheel is also made to look like a T, so that helps. Luckily he already knew the letter T before this week, so he didn’t really need it to look perfect.

So this was Monday’s activity. For Tuesday…

I tried an activity with water adhesion properties. You use water to paint the letter on the paper plate, and then you use food coloring mixed with water and gently tap the coloring onto the letter. It fills the letter and stays within the boundaries…but not for a young toddler.

But he liked it anyway.

Wednesday was the usual craft at his playgroup (he was super proud of his stickered/colored paper. But then we did a tracing activity with him and the Fudgelet…get it, “T” for tracing?

They each got outlined and got to color them.

Next we made little t as a tree.

He was holding up his apple craft for the apple tree.

For Friday we used play doh to form the two Ts on paper.

Then we used the motorcycle to make tracks on the Ts. When he was done with this, he said he wanted to paint them.

A good week of variety!

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