Fudgelet and Chiplet Adventures (part 2): Assorted Big and Small Kid Activities with a Bin

Sometimes I come up with activities that are designed for the Chiplet but then the Fudgelet wants to do them, too. So, you can decide for your kids if these are suitable for your 1-2-3-4-5 year olds.

The activity above was picking different “tools” in a large container with water and food coloring. I put food coloring drops in the blue muffin pan and then water in some of the containers to let the kids mix the colors and play with the water. I bought a clear shower curtain years ago that I use for lots of our activities. I cut it into a few pieces and use one on our small kid table and one under this container.

It was fun for both kids, but the Chiplet couldn’t quite handle it yet and was making a mess so I ended up switching gears.

I watered down the color a bunch and then put flour in a container for them to scoop and mix with the water. This is also messy but surprisingly less messy since it was less splash-prone. I had to remind the Chiplet to keep everything over/in the bin and he got better at it. He still doesn’t like getting his hands dirty/wet/etc. but I’m trying to help him get over it.

I also have used the bin to hold our pom poms and foam letters and numbers. Then, we have been hiding puzzle pieces in there and worked on finding them with tools.

Again, both kids were a fan.

And then we tried sorting some of the pom poms by color since we are also working on color identification.

What can you gather from this? Mainly, having a large bin is really handy for activities. I use a few of them for our outside activities, too. We have one that holds sand, another for the toys, and one to hold water. This is the first one I bought for inside and we’ve been using it regularly. I also want to add that I got some of these ideas from Busy Toddler and you should check out her website.

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