Mixed Bag Mondays: Seeking Flavor

I actually haven’t been making as many new recipes as of late. With us traveling this summer, and then getting ready for the start of the school year, I’ve been sticking with more of our regular flavors. Also, I did lots of grilling these past few months. Lots of the same marinades/recipes for that since we like them and can only get them for part of the year.

With the title mentioning flavor you might see where this picture came from…

I decided to try a recipe from a website I have had great luck from in making this “restaurant-style” chicken and broccoli recipe. But really I should have stuck with my regular way of making chicken and broccoli. Sigh.

You poach the chicken.

And there is seasoning in this, but it got swallowed up and lost somehow.

Definitely not worth making again. It wasn’t awful but it wasn’t delicious.

The next recipe was okay and I would make it again, so the main issue was my disappointment in realizing I had bought the “specialty” ingredient of pancetta…

but had to substitute jarred tomato sauce instead of using canned tomatoes and making my own like the recipe called for. I had no canned tomatoes!! I have no idea how that happened.

The overall dish is simple with meat (they said sausage but I used ground beef with seasoning), and some pasta, basil, etc. I added cheese on our plates instead of in the dish just because of the Chiplet’s allergies.

Good, but it could have been better.

Next we have some muffins that were more work than necessary.

You make them cake style and they require a mixer, not just strong arm muscles, so that is one point against them.

Using fresh blackberries from the farmers market is always good, though. You’re supposed to crush them a bit and then add more whole later.

And then you let the batter sit at room temperature for an hour. Dude, I already had to make sure everything was room temperature, then do the mixing, and now wait more?

Supposedly these muffins would get huge and needed to be spaced out. Let’s see…

Hmm. And you’re supposed to do a thing with running a spatula under the edge to keep it from sticking in the pan while it cools, but after waiting 10 minutes. After it cooled completely…

Fairly normal-sized, yes? They tasted fine, but not special enough for the effort. I would just make my regular muffin recipes instead.

And now we have this meatball recipe. I had the Fudgelet help me make them while the Chiplet napped. He was happy to help; well, for most of the meatballs. He got tired about halfway, haha.

It was a lot of meatballs. But anyway, they were supposed to be filled with lots of flavor.

They were…ok…but a bit dry and missing something.

I ended up making a sauce similar to ones you can make for dumplings.

It added a bit of color and moisture back to them, making them much more palatable. But again, I’d rather make some of my other meatballs instead.

So that’s how those went…but don’t worry, there are more positives coming. But to summarize, even if something looks like it has a lot of flavor built into the recipe, it still might need more. Meatballs need sauce, muffins should be simple, pantries should be checked better before cooking, and chicken needs lots of flavor assistance.


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