Topic-Changing Thursdays: The Chiplet is 22 Months Old!

Our second to last every other month update for the Chiplet because we have his 2 year update and that’s it for half a year. Speaking of, I am done doing updates for the Fudgelet on here. I might still post some pictures if we do activities/baking/etc. but none of the “he learned how to…” since we are kind of past that.

But back to the Chiplet. What has he been up to? Well, I didn’t think I would have much to report, but in the last week or so I realized that he has learned more than I first thought.

Vocabulary: His vocabulary continues to improve each day. He likes learning new words and he is getting better at pronouncing some of his older words. For example, he now says “shoes” instead of “boos” and is getting better with his “s” sounds overall. He has been using sentences for a long while now…probably just after the 20 month update.

Colors: We thought he didn’t know his colors yet, but it turns out he does know some. And he might know more but is choosing to be difficult. I remember when the Fudgelet knew his colors but for awhile was calling blue yellow and vice versa. We were panicking, thinking he was color blind, but it turns out he just was messing with us. The Chiplet doesn’t choose to follow directions as well (he understands but is stubbornly independent) so sometimes we can’t tell if he knows something and just doesn’t want to answer us.


Numbers and Letters: He knows the letter his name starts with and likes to say it is for him. But that’s it. No other letters at this point. But, he is showing some interest in numbers and does basic counting. It’s cool because he learned the concept of “one more” and then a couple weeks later understood “two more” and is working on three. The Fudgelet could count but didn’t really understand what numbers meant until he was a little older, so maybe the Chiplet is more a numbers kid and less a letters kid. (Small update to say that we started learning some letters and he is picking them up a bit.)

Reading: He finally isn’t tearing pages of books all the time (occasionally it happens now, but not a daily occurrence). He also has his clear favorites and will pick the same book for bedtime every time he gets to pick. The Fudgelet is bored of “Goodnight Goodnight Construction Site” but on the plus side, the Chiplet appears to be memorizing it and will sometimes fill in words if we pause.

Speaking of filling in words, he did this the other day with “Twinkle Twinkle” so I guess he is picking up more than I realized. He is finally dancing a bit and showing more interest in songs. I haven’t decided yet if I will sign him up for music class in the winter like I did when the Fudgelet was this age. We shall see.

Physical abilities: He can climb better than the Fudgelet could at this point, and he can also jump a little (the Fudgelet didn’t even try until he was well over 2 years old). When you ask him, he will usually point to the correct body parts, like elbow, shoulder, head, etc. He also somersaults which is scary for us. If he tried harder he could climb out of the crib. He gets close but it is always when he is angry during the night and not going back to sleep, so I’m already awake and watching. I’m hoping he can stay in his crib until he is a bit older because toddler bed-proofing his room will be challenging. I feel like he would just run out of the room to find his brother when he wakes up!

Overall behavior: He is still super loud; so much so that strangers comment on it (thanks, random strangers who are almost always old). He does understand a quiet voice…he just doesn’t want to use it most of the time. He has started throwing tantrums which are often just going limp on the floor and screaming. Because he is so loud, it can be hard to reason with him since he can’t hear us. Usually I have to let him scream a bit and then he will start listening to me. It does make shopping tricky. He is better with the Fudgelet around, so I’m not sure how errands will go with the school year going on now. He is better about throwing things, though. He rarely throws his food/plate/etc. anymore. And considering that it was all.the.time before, this is quite the improvement. (Update here to say that he has been better on outings when it is just the two of us and appears to be calming down…a little.)

Sleep: Is he worse than the Fudgelet was at this age? I can’t remember. One night recently he did a 6 hour stretch which was super exciting. But he woke up a second time and then wouldn’t go back to sleep for 2 hours. Sooooo it was still tiring. And then the next day he basically skipped his nap (only did a 20 minute car nap) so his night sleep was awful. No real patterns to figure out why sometimes he can go back to sleep without me, and other times he can’t. One thing he is worse at is his naps. The Fudgelet always did 1 hour 20-30 minute naps each day. The Chiplet? He almost always does a 30-45 minute nap, requires 10-20 minutes nursing, then does another 45 minute nap. And there is nursing before it and after it, too. I’ve tried not nursing but then he doesn’t always go back to sleep. Maybe with the Fudgelet at school I can play around with it a bit more since I don’t have to worry about being away from him too long during all of the sleep drama.

With all of this, the Chiplet is still a lot of fun. On a daily basis I am happy the Fudgelet has him for a brother. They make each other happy (most of the time) and their disagreements are pretty easy to solve at this stage.

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