Topic-Changing Thursdays: Crafts and Adventures with Fudgelet and Chiplet

Once we came back from Maryland, I realized two things both related to the Fudgelet starting school in less than a month. One, he would not be around as much soon, so it was a good time to throw in some more random activities with them. And two, soon it would just be me staring at the Chiplet all day, so I needed to get the rust off of my toddler crafts/activities. By practicing with the Fudgelet around to help demonstrate proper behavior (most of the time), the Chiplet could be eased into the activities. Below are some activities for both kids or just for the Fudgelet. Some were supposed to be for just the Chiplet, but I’ve learned that the Fudgelet always joins in. Always.

Let’s start with surface tension. Well, really this activity started with wanting to play with one of the new sensory bin toys I had ordered. (There was a set that had different scoops and other toys designed to help with hand strength and coordination.) So, we got some water ready and I even added some food coloring. This started with just the Fudgelet during naptime but then the Chiplet joined for a bit, too.

As the Fudgelet played, I pointed out what was happening in the above picture…a dome!

Sometimes we talk about stuff like this…random science facts/etc. that he may or may not remember in the future, but I figure it gets his brain to think and maybe he will remember it slightly when he hears about it again. Or not. Maybe it is just fun for the moment, and that’s good, too.

With those same toys we also played with pom poms!

Then, during another nap time, the Fudgelet volunteered to help me make more colored rice. Basically, you take 1 Tablespoon white vinegar mixed with 1 cup of rice and 4 drops of food coloring. Mix it together, spread it out on a baking sheet to dry for 15-30 minutes, then play with it!

The Chiplet was super excited to play with it, and we now had plenty for both kids to use it since our old batch was more meant for a single kid.

After having them play with it on the table for a while, I decided to switch them to the floor with all of the rice in one container.

They did a decent job of sharing it and the mess wasn’t bad at all. It was easy to pick up the rogue pieces of rice, and you can always vacuum after, too.

Another easy activity we have done a few times (the Chiplet will pull the papers back out to do it again) is this color sorting. It’s as easy as it looks…get one sheet of paper for each color and look for toys or items that are that color to match them up. He did okay, especially with some help from the Fudgelet.

Now we have two big kid activities. The first is Sudoku. I did this on the door with Crayola’s window markers and sheets of paper with tape on the back (post-its lose their stickiness too quickly).

I took a puzzle, then drew colored lines around each box to help him see the 9 smaller boxes within the large square. Then, I went and added more numbers to make it a bit easier for him. Finally I made sure to get the numbers all written out to match. When we played again with a different puzzle I didn’t bother sorting out the correct answers, as in, I left all of the current orange papers as options and added more to have enough.

But for this first puzzle I made sure there were exactly the right number of 1s, 2s, 3s, etc.

He did a great job!

And then the last activity was inspired by Busy Toddler on Instagram. She used this game to practice the idea of an unknown number (i.e. a variable).

All we did was start with 5 dinosaurs and then I hid a few of them under the bowl when his eyes were closed. He had to figure out how many were in the bowl based on how many were out. Then we increased it to 10 dinosaurs and made each other guess. Again, he did a good job!

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