Topic-Changing Thursdays: Maryland Summer 2019 (part 2)

If you were here last week, I posted about the first part of our Maryland trip. This post is going to be mostly about our beach trip.

The Fudgelet has been to Ocean City before, but not the Chiplet. Well, the Fudgelet was quite happy to be back and play in the ocean, on the beach, in the pool, and to visit with some of my family who lives nearby. The Chiplet was nervous initially but warmed up to my family…but not to the beach or ocean or pool. Sigh. He is normally the adventurous one but not with these things.

You’d think he liked the sand from looking at this:

but no, he was holding the shovel and mostly just complaining if the sand touched him.

We were on the Bay side but could walk right over to the ocean side.

The Chiplet has been very clingy with me but this was a first: he actually was clinging to my dad when he was scared here.

Next time we want more beach time and I’m hopeful that the Chiplet will warm up to it.

Luckily there are other activities, too. Mini golf was a hit for both kids.

We met with some friends here and the kids hung out in the arcade section for easily 30 minutes…but not actually playing games, just pretending.

The Fudgelet was excited to do the rides again this year, and this was his first time on a horse for the carousel (but not one that went up and down since he wanted to do that next time instead).

I got on this ride with the Fudgelet thinking it was just a basic roller coaster but then it would snap around. Everyone riding was a kid with their parent and all of us parents were saying to each other “did you know it did this? ahh!!!”

It was a good trip and could have been longer but still was good.

After we got back, we got to see K and then we took the Chiplet for his first snowball.

We also went to Washington….but DC.

The Chiplet and Fudgelet had their first Metro ride and were excited for that.

One of my best friends lives and works there so we were able to hang with her for the day as she showed us the sites.

We had a great time, even with being so hot which is how good a host she is.

When we came back we also managed another park visit (the first was with my nephew).

It was hot for us but the kids had fun before they sweated too much.

Another Maryland specialty:

These were so good. I picked for myself, but for the kids, too. I washed theirs off, first.

It was a good trip overall, getting to see almost everyone.

The flights home were not awesome…we normally fly direct but this time did a flight to Denver and then one to Seattle. The flight to Denver was okay, but long and a full flight. Then on the second flight it was only half full, but then the flight attendant and pilot were not nice. It made for an upsetting flight, especially because the kids were tired. The Chiplet only napped in my arms so that was challenging. On the flight to Maryland, the Fudgelet had happened to fall asleep for the final 5 minutes of the flight.

So then on the way home…

It was more surprising when he fell asleep against my shoulder for our Uber ride home.

The Chiplet fell asleep first and remained asleep when we removed him from the car…

But we made it home!

2 thoughts on “Topic-Changing Thursdays: Maryland Summer 2019 (part 2)

  1. Sounds like you had a wonderful trip! So glad your kids will grow up having some great Maryland traditions and memories!

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