Topic-Changing Thursdays: Maryland Summer 2019 (part 1)

This year we spent an extra amount of time in Maryland for the summer. There was a happy coincidence of my brother visiting with his family for a short bit followed by K’s cousin getting married, so we were able to stay for almost 3 weeks to bring the dates together. Basically, we had one week with seeing my brother’s family and other friends, then K went for almost a week to Portugal for the destination wedding while I took the kids with my dad and M to the beach, and then there was about a week after he got back when we let him get over jetlag while we said our final goodbyes to people for the summer.

Let’s start with, well, the start!

We took an Uber to the airport since we left extra early. That went smoothly, and security/flight/etc. all went fine. We got back to K’s parents’ house for dinner and bedtime, then gradually started seeing more people. I honestly can’t remember if Maryland at the end of July/early August is normally that hot but wow. We felt like delicate flowers, but cooped up ones. Normally we go outside for a bit each day here, especially in the summer. Most days we couldn’t even go out in the morning or after dinner (too humid and hot already, or mosquitoes, respectively). It was a relief when we went to my dad’s one evening and his shaded yard meant we could run around outside and not feel awful for once.

It was great getting to have lots of grandparent time.

We missed blueberry picking this year; it was too early in Washington and too late by the time we got to Maryland. But, the Fudgelet was able to pick some tomatoes.

There are always different toys to play with but this time we pulled out some new ones, like these cars which were mine. Obviously my set included lots of shiny, sparkly cars.

Only one of the children was properly playing Sorry, but they both had fun.

Lots of puzzles this trip, too!

Since we were in Maryland for the monthly Home Depot craft, my dad and M did it with the Fudgelet.

Shortly before our beach trip we visited my cousin’s house and my cousin’s basement is devoted to his comic book collection and memorabilia. The Fudgelet got to try on some of the masks and was super excited, even though he didn’t know all of the characters.

Naps and sleep were rough, as usual, but we made it through another visit with the pack and play. There is a chance that on our next trip we might need to switch to the mattress on the floor like we used with the Fudgelet. We shall see.

Stay tuned for part 2 when we are at the beach!

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