Mixed-Bag Mondays: Mostly Fails

Here I am, not at home yet when I’m writing this, but getting excited to do cooking when I go back. I am probably remaking some recipes (like my lasagna!) but also some new ones. The risks of making new recipes are always high. Sometimes the recipes are just okay but sometimes they can turn out almost awful. Today I am sharing mostly fails…

When I saw this recipe for Char Siu, I was excited because it was similar to mine, but it was a shorter recipe. I guess that should have been the clue? I also was interested in trying it because it used ribs. I guess I need more help for making ribs (I had never made them before).

There was a marinade and it roasts with you adding more sauce during the cooking.

Unfortunately, it never got tender like the normal one I make does, and it wasn’t very flavorful, either. So, not making that again, for sure.

For the next fail, it was sweet.

I read about a cake book from Martha Stewart that was supposed to be quite good.

I was excited to try the book, but I wanted to mix it up and the recipe said you could make cupcakes from it.

I followed the recipe but the result tasted almost muffin-like with texture and boring for the taste.

They were so lackluster that I didn’t even bother making frosting for them. I just used some canned frosting instead.

Let’s end on a more positive note, though.

This recipe wasn’t perfect but I would try making it again with some changes.

It was a dairy-free buttermilk chicken recipe. You let it marinate and then you dredge it in flour.

The chicken tasted pretty good but…

they didn’t brown the best, and some of the flour remained on it. I think next time I would try to find a way of using less flour or spraying them with more oil to help with the raw flour flavor and to help it brown more.

I hope you’re having a good Monday! I am sure I am happy to be home by now.

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